Dear cat lovers,

Our clinic would like to create a bigger focus on you and your furry cat friends. Our new (and bigger) clinic gave us the possibility to create a separate area for cats, using the so called cat friendly system.

The Cat Friendly system is focused on keeping stress and anxiety levels as low as possible while visiting the veterinary clinic. The system includes personnel, equipment and a separated waiting room, hospital area and doctor's office (surgery).

What does this mean?

The gentle way to deal with our patients and the caring aproach, which is focused on the specific needs of our cats, mimimizes stress. Thanks to this we achieve a higher level of effectiveness and are able to easier and faster uncover health problems of your cat.

A new cupboard in the waiting area for cats

Dear clients and cat lovers,

Most likely you already noticed that we have a new " special" cupboard, which is standing in the cat´s corner. Are you wondering why it is there? Our clinic is working hard on a Cat Friendly approach. The goal of this approach is to make your cat feel calm and less stressed. In this cupboard you can place your cat in the carriage. Please use this possibility to strive for the maximum of comfort and a minimum of stress for your cat.

Your veterinary clinic Fenix